BANDINI ELECTRIC BIKES is a New Zealand company based in Christchurch.


Motivated by the difficulties of getting around Christchurch post – quake, being lifelong cyclists and having travelled extensively and seeing people of all ages enjoying the health benefits and convenience of owning an electric bike, we decided to look at the possibility of bringing electric bikes to Christchurch.


After researching various electric bike models and operating systems, we visited the Shanghai bike fair. This is the largest bike fair held in China to showcase the latest and greatest bikes from all over the world including Europe, Asia and Australasia.


The criteria we identified to find the best bike for the New Zealand market were the following:

  • There must be sufficient models in the selected range to cope with the needs and requirements of New Zealanders whether it be on a mountain bike trail, cruising to the shopping mall or the work commute.
  • It must have the latest reliable components including the latest lithium battery technology to provide an acceptable travel range.
  • It must have sufficient power to cope with the hills.
  • It must be easy to use, comfortable and long lasting.
  • It must look modern and contemporary rather than an outdated bike with modern technology attached.
  • It also had to be good value for money.

After looking at many bikes in Shanghai over 3 days all with different drive systems, different batteries, different specifications and vastly different prices, we finally selected an Italian designed, centrally driven, Samsung battery powered, aluminium framed electric bike. From there BANDINI ELECTRIC BIKES was launched with a collection of 5 different models.

Electric bikes are relatively new on the New Zealand market. For many buying an electric bike is a whole new experience. We get asked many questions – How do they work? How fast do they go? How far do they go? How safe are they? Who will fix them? In an endeavour to educate people about electric bikes and BANDINI ELECTRIC BIKES services, we have put together this website that we hope will answer these questions and more. Please read it and feel free to email us any questions you have regarding our bikes.

We also provide a rental service enabling you to rent a bike to really get the feel of the bike. The rental cost will be deducted if you decide to purchase a bike.

Please visit us on our website to book a bike or call Liz on 0277159759.

Here’s to the future of electric biking.

Liz Stopforth

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